A cartoon self-portrait of the artist with a Wacom pen.

Amy VanTorre is a comic artist, illustrator, and digital painter working out of Canada’s capital city. She attended the University of Windsor’s Fine Arts — Honours program in the mid 2000s and completed an associate’s degree in Marketing in 2014. She has been making art for her entire life.

Amy works mostly with either pencils and ink or with her beloved Wacom Intuos tablet and Photoshop CS6. Her work is primarily figurative, though she’s working on expanding her ability to render environments. She is a huge sci-fi/fantasy geek, and it shows in her work. In addition to art, Amy writes, makes comics, knits, creates jewellery, codes websites, and constructs fictional languages.

Amy is always working on about five personal projects at once, but she is open to discussing commissions and new collaborations. Email her here.